How We Evolve

Our Values

Corporate Philosophy

Our foundation has been built on our understanding that people lie at the heart of all we achieve as a business.


Ensuring that we follow our guiding principles that have been designed with ‘our people’ in mind, we will continually perform with integrity and produce through excellence.


We aim to be the bench mark supplier of sustainable, innovative high-quality tobacco products that offer substantial value to both consumers & stakeholders alike.


By remaining customer & consumer centric; we endeavour to constantly innovate and produce high-quality tobacco products that appeal to our diverse markets.


Striving for excellence, meeting expectations and delivering the utmost satisfaction.

Our philosophy is one of freedom and independence, offering an equitable share of profits for our trading partners and ensuring value for money to the product end user.


Every stage of our business is governed by Integrity and Transparency, for which there is no compromise, regardless of the financial consequences.


As a company, we foster a culture of perfection and unsurpassed value through strict adherence to international law.


Through applied research and understanding, we aim to address the key health issues regarding tobacco use by developing products that potentially reduce the harmful effects associated with smoking.

Our Team

Our exceptional management team brings a wealth of international industry experience in the development, manufacture and marketing of some of the world’s most famous cigarette brands. Their expertise extends across all disciplines from the processing and blending of tobacco, all stages of the manufacturing processes stretching to sales, marketing and distribution all across the world.

Core Strength of The Company

Our Employees

Carefully selected from across diverse countries and cultures, our workforce constitutes high calibre and professional ethics. All employees follow a code of conduct outlined by the management and are aligned to the core vision of the company.

We have comprehensive employee motivation, training and growth programmes to ensure consistency in performance and loyalty.

Employee benefits like rewards and bonuses are duly adhered to in keeping with their overall performance.