Independent tobacco is committed to the highest quality standards at the most competitive price and to this end we only use the High quality the best and most fashionable replica rolex online of the replica watches store raw materials and packaging in the manufacturing process.


Based in UAE, Independent Tobacco is  a growing international  tobacco company , engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of  cigarettes. The company produces  and markets a variety of brands specially  created  to appeal to a diverse number of consumers, aligning with their  needs and tastes across the globe. Using state-of-the-art  technology, our manufacturing capabilities are exemplary, setting high standards in quality.High quality the best and most fashionable replica rolex online of the replica watches store. Currently the company conducts  business in the two major continents: Asia and Africa. We are constantly driven to provide an equitable share of profits for our traders and distributors as well as value for money to our consumers  while constantly upholding public health awareness about the consumption of tobacco. Whether it’s our consumers or our business partners, we empower them both with an independent choice.

Corporate Philosophy

At the core of our philosophy lies a high regard for people as we value them as the prime assets. This is reflected in our policies and practices designed by the management  to ensure the best interests of the employees as well as our partners, so that  our business is managed with integrity and excellence.



At every stage of our business, we ensure that integrity is not compromised even it means forsaking profits. Transparency  is a key ethic followed in all dealings by the company employees.


As a company , we foster a culture of perfection and unsurpassed value through strict adherence to international quality standards.


From addressing key health issues regarding cigarette smoking to consistent research to develop products that minimize the health hazards and follow environment-friendly manufacturing and agricultural practices, we remain committed to being a responsible citizen of the world.


At Independent Tobacco Inc, it is our sincere endeavour to constantly innovate and produce high-quality tobacco products that appeal to the diverse likes and tastes of consumers while working for their utmost satisfaction and well-being. There by, we aim to be the most trustworthy tobacco merchant by offering substantial value to both consumers and business partners alike

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