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At Independent Tobacco, responsibility towards the community is the primary objective, reflected in our deep care and concern for the environment. We are constantly seeking innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of the business - be it waste reduction & recycling, controlled energy use or promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Besides this, the company also supports organizations with environmental initiatives through charities and grants.

Contribution to Community

We believe that to be successful, it is important to integrate community development and concerns into our overall strategy. When the community grows, the company grows.

Today Independent Tobacco takes several efforts to reach out to the community and make a positive contribution.

  • Strict compliance of the laws related to smoking in all our trading countries
  • Use our Corporate Social Responsibility to align with programs that help positively impact the communities where we live and work. These programs cover Arts and Culture, Education, Health Awareness, Environment and Positive Youth Development.
  • Spread of a culture of ‘sharing’ among employees and encouragement of participation in causes through collaboration with local community leaders and organizations.

our blog
our blog

Underage Tobacco Users

While satisfying our consumers is part of our business, we are equally motivated to conduct business with sensibility and integrity.

Being in the tobacco industry immediately places a huge social responsibility on our shoulders.

We are led by the belief that minors should never use tobacco products. Every country prohibits the sale of tobacco products to minors. There is a huge drive at the National, State and Local level, focused on preventing youth from using tobacco products.

That is why we are always seeking ways and means to keep cigarettes away from minors:

  • Through strict issuance of instructions to our distributing partners.
  • Encouraging employees to follow the commonly approved ‘age limit’ for tobacco users at personal and organizational level and to intimate the management of any defiance of the law in this regard.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations in all the countries with our business presence.

Illicit Trade

We are committed to make all efforts to support legitimate trade and avert our products being diverted into illicit trade channels.

By using strong internal controls that will bar the employees from indulging in any illicit trade. As well as keeping a close watch over our customers enables us to cease a supply to customers who are knowingly or recklessly involved in illicit trade activities.

Suppliers go through a proper screening process before conducting any business transaction.

Networking and maintaining communication with key international bodies in the business of combating illicit trade and protecting intellectual property rights.

Ultimately the only way to deal with malpractices is by procuring the right mix of people, values and laws.

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